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Remote Connection Service

Continuing will allow a technician to remotely connect to your computer and view it as if they were at your computer.

1. Click here to email me a request for a connection link.
(Or send an email, with "LMIrescue request" as the subject, to derek@derekshelpdesk.com)
2. You will receive a response email, with a link as soon as I am available.
3. Click the link in your email, then run the installer to allow me to connect.

If you are having trouble receiving or sending email, call me at 225-229-9170.

If I am unable to answer, leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible. I will give you a code to enter below.




Enter your 6-digit code:

The code is valid for 20 minutes from the time it was generated. If your code is expired, you will need to request a new one




Time starts once the technician has connected to your computer. You will have to grant access to the technician before connection is made.
Normal hourly rate is $40/hr*. Clean up rate starts at $25. An invoice will be emailed to you shortly after the session has ended, so please enter a correct email on the connection page.

*virus removal charges stop at 3 hours. See rates for more info.

If you need to reach me by phone, call (225) 229-9170.