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Build, repair, troubleshoot, install, etc. $40/hour
Virus removal
If reinstall of OS is NOT required.
Virus removal
If reinstall of OS is required (+$50).
You must provide your installation CD and valid Microsoft license key for OS installation. otherwise one will need to be purchased at the customer's expense.
$90min-$170max + cost of license.
Basic Cleanup & Optimize - RCS $35
Basic Cleanup & Optimize - On-site $40**
Home network setup $40/hour
Network drop installation $75/drop
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Maintenance plans: (click here for more info)

Clean up plans are available to keep your computer cleaned at a discounted rate. Your computer will be cleaned via RCS if possible, or in person if necessary, as often as you choose (usually monthly).

NEVER expires.
Can be used on multiple computers, and transferred to others.

Choose between the following plans.

6 basic cleanings = $170.00 ($70 savings! - over 29% OFF!!!)**
12 basic cleanings = $300.00 ($180 savings! - over 37% OFF!!!)**

+ buy 6 and get one free to send to a friend!
+ buy 12 and get two free to send to a friend(s)!

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+ free basic cleanups must be used by non-current customers.


Contact Derek to get started. 225-229-9170, or derek@derekshelpdesk.com


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