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Exam Proctoring

My experience for the Office of Assessment and Evaluation at LSU has afforded me the opportunity to proctor thousands of computer-based exams per week, as well as many paper and pencil tests, such as the ACT, LSAT, Notary, MPRE, and others. While working in the Computer-Based Testing Lab at LSU for several years, I have gained a lot of experience in proctoring exams.

While all of the above is work performed as a proctor or supervisor for LSU, I also, personally, offer proctoring to non-LSU students and clients.


Who do I proctor for?

I often proctor exams for:
- students of out-of-state schools
- companies who need evaluations performed on employees
- 3rd party certifications needed for individuals or companies
- others

If you need an exam proctored that is either paper-based or internet-based I can give it.



My normal proctoring rates are per examinee, as follows:
*an examinee is considered a college student if their exam is for a university or other school.

I accept payments in the form of cash, money order, cashiers check, or business check.
For individuals/students, payment is due when proctoring services are performed. If a company has hired me then arrangements will need to be previously agreed upon.


Service Area

Most of my proctoring is performed after hours at LSU.
Sometimes, I perform proctoring services on-site, in which I am willing to drive up to 10 miles outside of East Baton Rouge Parish without charge.
Occasionally, I will be willing to travel, with other proctors if necessary, to distances much further than the Baton Rouge, LA area at the expense of the exam employer for lodging.



I currently hold a full-time job, so my proctoring work is performed outside of my normal business hours. In general I am available to proctor exams between:
- 4:30p - 9:30p cst on Tuesdays - Fridays
- 9:00a - 4:30p cst on Saturdays and Sundays.

You can view my calendar below to see, which times I am available (or unavailable) for proctoring. I try to keep this updated, but it is not always immediately up to date.The best way to contact me for proctoring is to call me, Derek Wilson, at (225)229-9170.

If you need an exam proctored outside of these windows, I can likely put you in contact with another proctor who is able to help.