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Here I have compiled a list of links where you can download some of my favorite free programs to use. If you are uncomfortable using them on your own I will be happy to perform a system cleanup and optimization for you via RCS, or if necessary you can schedule an appointment for me to visit your computer.

Many of my customers use this page to keep their computers running at optimum performance. I try to keep the page updated, so visitors can find links to the best free programs available. My efforts make it easier for you to keep your PC clean, without having to hire my skills. Donations to help keep this site running are much appreciated. If you would like to give a dollar or two, click the button below.


= Derek's Favorites



Run a speedtest to see how your computer performs.


Malware/virus removal - see what is getting ranked highest at cnet.com


Temporary file removal/ web browser cleanup




Registry Cleaners

 (be careful when editing the registry. Make a 
 full registry backup before running a registry cleaner.)






System Imaging/Restoration
(if setup properly, you can restore your computer to a state before it became infected!)

You're here to take care of your computer and keep it healthy, but what about yourself? Look here for a great, safe and easy way to improve your health.