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What does a Basic Cleanup include?

During a Basic Cleanup I will run several programs to clean out unnecessary files, clean the registry, remove spyware, and defragment the hard drive.
The scans performed in the clean up process can take a long time, depending on how many files are on your computer, so it would be best to schedule a time when you won't need your computer for several hours (usually 3-6 hours, but can be longer).

If any other problems are found, such as viruses, or issues beyond the scope of a basic cleanup I will let you know, and ask how you want to proceed before doing anything that will cost you more than originally quoted.


Call now to schedule a basic cleanup, 225-229-9170, or send an email to Derek@derekshelpdesk.com

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Maintenance Plans (discounted cleanups)

Don't wait until your computer is overrun with malware. You might might be infected and not even know until the malware is designed to take effect. Taking preventative measures can help keep your computer from getting to a state that could cost a lot more to clean up, or possibly lose data. Think of it as going to the dentist for your computer, to prevent cavities rather than paying for a root canal.

Maintenance plans are designed to support customers who want to keep their computers running fast and clean, without having to wait for an infection to take over before calling for help.

For those who like their computer running at top speeds, and schedule regular cleanups, this is for you. You can  pre-purchase 6 or 12 cleanups at a time (at discounted rates) and schedule those cleanups as frequently as you like (usually monthly).

Your cleanups never expire, and can be transferred! Can be used on multiple computers in your home, or you can send some to freinds or family if you want.

How does it work? 

1. Email me at derek@derekshelpdesk.com, or call me at 225-229-9170 and let me know which maintenance plan you would like to purchase.
2. I will send you the appropriate invoice.
3. You will download the persistent connection application.
4. After you have installed the application (I can walk you through this if you have trouble) I will be able to remotely connect to your computer.
5. Tell me how often and at what time of day you would like me to run a basic cleanup, and I will schedule your computer for a cleanup at those times.
Your plan will NOT auto-renew, but I will send you a reminder email when you are running out of cleanups, and you can renew if you wish.